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United Mole Enterprise

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The Council
Director of Transit & Security BlueHavoc911
Director of Resource Management Erwin
Mole Labs Director Braydon
Mole Labs Director Jarib
Director of Mechanics X AE A-12
Technology Manager Kaskade
Director of Public Relations Czach
Company Information
Main Focus Custom Defense Systems Company
Official Tag [UME]
Player Count 46
Founded Sep 14, 2019
Alliances Lodestar

Faction Description

The United Mole Enterprise is a faction of highly skilled engineers who specialize in the engineering, manufacturing, and transportation of ship-based weapons and defense systems. UME is one of the first official factions in the Starbase universe as well as one of the first to have a large plot located on the starter station.
They sell primarily to larger, neutral factions but also sell to anyone that has enough credits and reputation. Factions will often buy already designed weapons and systems from UME, however, custom contracts for customizing previously developed systems or developing new systems are available with an added research and development cost.
Their main mother-ship is The Mound which is a large carrier that acts as the UME HQ. For trades, meetings, and PR related activities, they will usually take a diplomat ship. Outsourcing is rare as most resources, materials, and parts are manufactured in-house. Trading is done usually with larger groups or factions that distribute goods directly to smaller groups.
The United Mole Enterprise is a member of the Lodestar Alliance.


Products are not yet publicly available.

The Council

The Council shall decide your fate.

The Great Mole Council is the group of leaders and decision-makers of the United Mole Enterprise. The members are chosen based on their abilities, dedication, and faithfulness to the Mole Party. The council currently consists of 7 moles, 4 of which are directors of their chosen area. There are no elections, however, members are welcome to retire and the council shall choose the next member.
Voting and meetings occur in the council room located in The Mound. A simple majority is used for most elections, however, the council has the ability to change the system if needed and agreed upon. The council votes on various topics such as foreign affairs, advertisement permission, punishments, and R&D decisions. They may summon persons to the room if needed.
The overseer is the chairman of the council. The overseer maintains order and justice to the council as well as manages and makes sure votes are fair and accurate. The overseer does not have the right to vote in the council. He/she is chosen through the council by vote.
If you have pressing matters or wish to bring up something important, one may call a council meeting by simply requesting one from a council member or director. This will have you and at least a few council members discuss the topic in the room. If needed, the council may delay the decision until all members are present at the next meeting.
While not a democracy, the mole council strives to bring justice, fairness, power, and wealth to the enterprise.


history is currently a WIP


The Mole Gang

The Empire of the Mole Party

The United Mole Enterprise



  • Director of Resource Management
    Manages resource collection, storage, trade, and the treasury.
  • Director of Transit
    Manages transportation of goods, persons, and mobile security units.
  • Director of PR & HR
    Manages diplomats, foreign affairs, propaganda, human resources, and public relations.
  • Director of Mechanics
    Manages mechanic and maintenance workers, ship repairs, and construction.


  • Security
    Protects The Mound, trade ships, and the station. Transportation security also receives a security vessel. Higher-level security officers protect more valuable assets and more lucrative areas such as the server rooms, the bridge, and the diplomat ship.
  • Resource Acquisition/Management
    Treasury and mining operations of the UME. Gather, mine, and refine raw materials and manages trade between various factions.
  • Transportation Operations
    Flies transport ships and moves finished goods to various sellers.
  • Factory Workers
    Works in the manufacturing center and builds intermediate and final products for the company.
  • Mechanic Workers
    Maintains The Mound and supporting ships and helps with construction for larger projects.


  • Mole Labs
    Research and Development engineers for the company.
  • Human Resources
    Problem? Go to HR...
  • Helmsman
    The pilot and main operator of The Mound.
  • Public Relations
    Works with other factions and helps create trade networks, partnerships, and advertisements.
  • Technology Manager
    Manages online systems such as wiki pages, websites, discord servers, and creates logos, videos, and propaganda.