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Starbase turntable.png

Turntables are mounted platforms for devices.
Machinery such as cannons and tractor beams can be mounted on top of the turntables.

  • Turntables enable the mounted device to rotate around their Y-axis.
  • The mounted machinery is usually first mounted to a cradle to enable pitch.

Basic information

Turntable's target rotation can be set with universal tool, or by connecting it to a control device such as a lever or a button.

  • Set the target rotation to a value between the maximum and minimum rotation. The turntable then tries to rotate to the given angle.

Device fields

To learn more about how to use fields, consult these wiki pages:

YOLOL field description range
TurretRotation Target rotation of the turntable 0
TurretCurrentRotation Current rotation of the turntable 0
MaxRotation High limit of the rotation 180
MinRotation Low limit of the rotation 180
TargetVelocity Target velocity in which the turntable rotates 3