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Turret cradle

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An advanced cradle and a basic cradle
Turret cradle
Type Utility machinery
Function Turret mobility

  • 144×144×108 cm (basic)
  • 204×204×204 cm (adv.)
  • 6,603.91 kg (basic)
  • 7,937.51 kg (adv.)
  • 663.71 kv (basic)
  • 797.74 kv (adv.)
Corrosion resistance 340
Primary material Bastium
Input / Output
Electric input ~3 e/s

Modular interfaces 2
Device interfaces 2 (adv.)

Cradles are device platforms that enable devices mounted to turntables to pitch forward and backwards. They are a pivotal part of any turret system, and can mount many devices such as weapons or tools like the mining laser.

Basic information

A cradle's target rotation can be set with the universal tool, or by connecting it to a control device such as a lever or a button. The cradle's turret rotation device field will rotate the cradle to the specified number in degrees, and does not allow relative adjustments (eg: +5 or -5). Cradles must be mounted to turntables in order to function, as they do not have other interfaces like a hardpoint. The speed at which a cradle rotates is determined by the mass attached to it, and adding too many devices to a cradle will slow it severely. Cradles like the advanced cradle also have provisions for mounting devices to the bases on their outward-facing 'ears'.

Device fields

YOLOL field description range
TurretPitch Target pitch of the cradle 0
TurretCurrentPitch Current rotation of the cradle 0
MaxRotation High limit of the rotation 180 / 160 on basic cradle
MinRotation Low limit of the rotation -180 / -20 on basic cradle
TargetVelocity Target velocity with which the cradle rotates 3

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