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A list of commonly used tools in the known galaxy can be found on this page.

Manual tools

Bolt tool

Starbase tools bolt 18.10.2019.png

The bolt tool is used to attach and detach bolts to and from hard substrates such as bastium and oninum, most often in manufacturing and construction work.
Bolt tools are common and useful tools in any kind of construction work, from fixing minor impairments on a spaceship or building and repairing space stations of any size.

Building tool

Starbase tools building 18.10.2019.png

As the name suggests, building tools are used to either build or repair objects. The handheld model enables quick repairments even when travelling and when no repair shops are located close by.
Building tools use smelted and refined materials such as bastium for the repairments and building processes of objects. Without the required amount of material ingots the tool is unusable.

Cable tool

Starbase tools cable 6.8.2019.png

The cable tool is used to set up or remove and detach electric cables. The tool is commonly used in connecting devices together to build data networks and in other electrical installation work, such as setting up lighting.

Durability tool

Durability tool.png

The durability tool is used to determine weak parts of spaceships that are not able to withstand space travel.
The tool has been designed to prevent critical errors in spaceship construction and modification, and to improve the overall safety of space traffic for the general public.

How to use:

  • The tool can be used by simply pointing it at a spaceship and then activating it.
    • The tool highlights the chosen structure as:
      • Green = Durable
      • Red = Not durable


  • Spaceships need to have at least one thruster base with a thruster attached to them in order for the durability tool to be able to test the durability of the ships.

Laser cutter tool

Starbase tools lasercutter 18.10.2019.png

The laser cutter cuts voxels out of an object, but the more armored the object is the longer it takes to cut. This can be useful for salvage or trying to get through hulls.
Laser cutters are common and useful tools in any kind of cutting work, from hull cutting on a spaceship to many others.



Pickaxes are hand tools that are a basic, but often the most reliable way to harvest minerals.
The sharp end, or the pointed end, of the pickaxe is used to break up hard surfaces such as asteroids and the blunt end is used to separate and to collect the minerals.
It is suggested to pair the pickaxe with a backpack, or mining backpack.

Pipe tool

Pipe tools are used to place or remove resource pipes, that transport for example propellant.

How to use:

  • Placing pipes:
  1. Aim at the spot you want the piping to start from with the pipe tool and press the trigger.
  2. Track the length of the pipe to the spot you want the pipe to end with the pipe tool and press the trigger.
  • Removing pipes:
  1. Aim at a pipe with the pipe tool and press the trigger to remove it.
  2. Aim at a pipe conjunction point with the tool to remove that particular pipe point and all the pipes attached to that point.


  • There's a maximum length of how long the piping can be per trigger press, indicated by the line going red when out of range from the first point.
  • Piping cannot be placed in the air.
  • Creates pipe networks

Universal tool

The universal tool is a foldable forearm-mounted screen used to interact with both mechanical devices and some tools.

Editor tools

Station creator

Station creator is an editor tool, that can be used to construct large housings, landing pads, stores, or stations easily.
The station creator can be accessed from Capital Mega Stations, that have open rental lots.
The rental lots can be accessed through a terminal, from where the leasing contract can also be acquired from.
An owned rental lot can then be edited by using the station creator.