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Starbase devices thrusters box.png

Thrusters are a mandatory part of spaceships in order for them to be able to fly. At least one thruster is required in each ship.


Thrusters determine which directions spaceships can be flown and at what speed, and they require power and propellant to function.
A cable drawn from the power source must be attached to the base of the thruster for correct distribution of power.

  • There are three different thruster types available:
    • Box thrusters
    • Triangle thrusters
    • Maneuver thrusters

Basic information

  • To be able to fly, a spaceship needs at least a one thruster.
    • Box and triangle thrusters are big "main" thrusters and consist of multiple parts that need to be bolted together.
    • Maneuver thrusters enable small movements of the ship such as adjusting yaw and pitch, though they can still be used as main thrusters on smaller ships.
    • Thrusters need to be bolted to a base plate that has access to propellant and electricity.
  • Thrusters require power to function.
    • To get power, a cable has to be drawn from a power source, such as a Generator or Battery to the thruster's socket.
  • A thruster also requires propellant to function.
    • To get propellant, a pipe has to be drawn between the device hardpoint and a gas container.

Thruster types

Box thruster

Thruster with base.png

Box Thrusters with regular and corner base variants.

  • Box thrusters provide 500 000 thrust
  • At maximum thrust Box thrusters use 23.3 propellant per second and 140 electricity per second.
  • The price for a box thruster is around 68,000 credits

Triangle thruster

Starbase Triangle thruster stacks.png

Triangle thrusters. The sides with a hexagon on them can be used to stack multiple thrusters to one base.

  • Triangle thrusters provide 300 000 thrust
  • At maximum thrust Triangle thrusters use 35 propellant per second and 17.5 electricity per second.

Maneuver thruster

Starbase maneuver thruster.png

Small thrusters meant for maneuvering the ship.

  • Maneuver thrusters provide 50 000 thrust
  • At maximum thrust Maneuver thrusters use 11.7 propellant per second and 5 electricity per second.

Resource efficiency

Graphs showing thruster resource efficiencies per thrust level, electricity per second (eps) in blue and propellant per second (pps) in orange.

Box Thruster Usage.jpg Triangle Thruster Usage.jpg Maneuver Thruster Usage.jpg

Device fields

To learn more about how to use fields, consult these wiki pages:

YOLOL field description range
ThrusterState Requested output of the thruster 0 - 10 000
ThrusterCurrentThrust Current output of the thruster 0 - 10 000