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Faction description


Neutral is less of a faction and more of an umbrella term for every robot that is not a member of one of the two largest factions.
As the name implies, neutral robots are neutral in the conflict between Empire and Kingdom.
As Neutral is not actually a faction, there is no single common leadership or government.
Despite having an officially recognized symbol, few neutral robots unite under it, preferring symbols of their own clans, companies, and crews.


While there is no formal Military order associated among Neutral members, offensive and defensive capabilities can be aligned into three major groups:

Neutral Civilians/Traders
Those in the Neutral association who wish to carve out a space for themselves or attempt to profit directly from anyone who will do business with them.

For-Hire Mercs will provide firepower for any side, if the price is right.

Opportunists who will take what they want, when they want, and as they can.


There are no ranks within the Neutrals.