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Modular device rack

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Modular device rack.png

Modular device racks are a compact way to store multiple YOLOL chips and connect them together. They can make it easier to construct larger and more complicated YOLOL systems compared to using simple chip sockets.


Adjacent device racks are all connected into one data network, providing a nice alternative to wiring each chip when using chip sockets. To connect a set of device racks to another network, the Socket Core module provides a cable socket. This allows for a very large number of YOLOL chips to exist in a compact fashion, while still being connected to the main network of a ship or station.


Module rack base.png

The Rack is the base device for any modular device rack. It does nothing on its own, except join the data network of adjacent racks. All the modules plug into a rack to provide actual functionality for a rack.

  • The core of any modular device rack system
  • Bolts to the frame of a ship or to other rack modules
    • Connects to other adjacent racks, from any side except the front, to form one network
  • Modules plug into the slot on the front of the rack


There are currently 3 modules that can be plugged into the slot on the front of a rack:

  • Chip Core: Basic module with three chip slots
  • Socket Core: Module with two chip slots, and a cable socket to connect the rack network to an external network
  • Chip Reader: Alternate chip module for one chip in a configuration that allows editing and monitoring

Chip Core

Module chip core.png

  • Three YOLOL chip slots

Socket Core

Module socket core.png

  • Two YOLOL chip slots
  • One socket for cabling

Chip Reader

Module chip reader.png

  • One YOLOL chip slot oriented with the chip facing the user
    • Allows live editing of the chip placed within it
    • Useful alternative to wiring in a chip socket when you'd like to edit code on the fly

Device fields

To learn more about how to use fields, consult these wiki pages:

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