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Modular device rack

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Modular device rack.png

Modular racks are primarily used to construct complex multi-chip systems out of YOLOL chips.

Basic information

  • Minimal working configuration of modular device rack includes a single module rack and a socket core module
    • Socket cores are needed to connect the device to a network
    • Fits two chips, creating a compact device with some parallel computing ability
  • The rack parts can be plugged into each other from the sides, back, top, or bottom, enabling extension with multiple racks and different device modules


  • There are currently four main modules
    • Rack: Frame for attaching functional modules. Has plug connections for extending configuration to combine multiple racks
    • Socket Core: Basic module with two chip slots and a cable socket for connecting to network
    • Chip Core: Default computing module with three slots for chips
    • Chip Reader: Alternate chip module for one chip in a configuration that allows editing and monitoring


Module rack base.png

  • Bolts to the frame of the ship or to other rack modules from the top and bottom
  • The core of any modular rack combination
    • Device modules plug into the slot in the rack
    • Racks connect to other racks from 5 sides: sides, top, bottom, back

Socket core

Module socket core.png

  • Fits inside the rack
  • Two YOLOL chip slots
  • One socket for cabling

Chip core

Module chip core.png

  • Three YOLOL chip slots

Chip reader

Module chip reader.png

  • One YOLOL Chip indent with chip facing the user
    • Allows live editing of chips connected to a rack network.

Device fields

To learn more about how to use fields, consult these wiki pages:

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