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YOLOL chip socket

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Chip socket.png
YOLOL chip socket
Type YOLOL device
Function Reads YOLOL chips

Size 48×48×24 cm
Mass 362.18 kg
Volume 36.40 kv
Corrosion resistance 300
Primary material Bastium
Input / Output
Electric input Passive

Sockets 4
Chip slots 1


Bastium 100%

YOLOL chip socket is a base device, which relays power and connection to a data network for the YOLOL chip. Another option for mounting YOLOL chips is the Modular device rack.

Basic information

Chip sockets have:

Chip sockets are placed to any construct (ship, station or machine) that requires YOLOL to work.
The socket is then bolted to the structure and cabled to a network with power and YOLOL chip's target devices.

Several chip sockets can be placed side by side and they connect to each other without cables.

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