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Memory relay

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Memory relay.png
A memory relay, and associated memory chip
Memory Relay
Type YOLOL device
Function Storing YOLOL data

Size 48 × 24 × 48 cm
Mass 409.84 kg
Volume 41.19 kv
Corrosion resistance 410
Primary material Bastium
Input / Output
Electric input Passive

Sockets 4
Chip slots 2

Modular interfaces 2


The memory relay is a device used to transfer data fields from one memory chip to another, allowing for device fields to be linked with different field names. Memory relays separate sub-networks allowing for one-way broadcasting of variable changes, enabling the creation of modular YOLOL systems.

Basic information

Memory Relays are connected to two separate data networks via cable sockets located at both ends of the device, or via a connection to a modular device rack. Facing the device's 'front' (where the memory chips are inserted):

  • The left side of the relay acts as the "input" connection.
  • The right side of the relay acts as the "output" connection.

When the relay is powered, changes made to device fields on the input chip will propagate to the corresponding device field on the output chip. Data which occupies a device field on the left side of the relay will be propagated to the device field with a matching index on the right side of the relay. For example: The data in device field #3 on the input (left) chip will be automatically propagated to device field #3 on the output (right) chip. However, both sides of the relay must be enabled for the data to propagate: Disabling either side will prevent this transfer.

  • Values between networks are not automatically synchronized.
    • This means that connected networks may contain different values for similarly named device fields.

Device fields

The memory relay has two distinct sub-components which have unique device fields, as the left and right side of the device. These device fields can only be accessed by interacting with the appropriate sub-component.

YOLOL field Description Range
IsMasterEnabled On / Off, left side 0 / 1
IsEnabled On / Off, right side 0 / 1

To learn more about how to use fields, consult these wiki pages:

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