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ISAN is an open source ship navigation system using YOLOL.


The Setup is explained in this document. If you encounter a problem or need help visit the Collective Discord.


Each ISAN installation needs a core module. More features can be added by connecting new addon modules connected to the core's memory chip. For further detail, see documentation. If you invent any new module or got improvements for existing ones, you can contribute to the github.

Module Hardware Description
Mono Core 1 Adv+ YOLOL, 1 Receiver Made as compact as possible. However, it's not as accurate as Quad while moving.
Quad Core 1 Adv+ YOLOL, 4 Receivers The recommended ISAN core with unmatched speed and accuracy.
Velocity 1 Pro YOLOL Grants velocity readout (dependent on coordinate accuracy).
UOCM 1 Pro YOLOL Universal Orientation Calculation-Momentum grants heading and pitch when flying straight.
WNS 1 Pro YOLOL, UOCM Waypoint Navigation System lets you enter a target destination and get directions towards it.


The Integrated System for Autonomous Navigation was long theorized. During Closed Alpha, R&D began by Solonerus, Lumi Virtual, Strikeeaglechase and Nordwolf from Collective. The initial release included documentation and a video of ISAN Mono and ISAN Quad. ISAN's development is still active, so expect further improvement.

Event Time Description
Release June 25th 2020 Collective releases ISAN 1.0 to the public. (See document)
Opensource August 15th 2020 ISAN gets an opensource github page

How it works

ISAN uses radio signals from the Radio transmitters of multiple stations to determine the distance to each. Knowing the position of these stations, the distances can be used for Multilateration to calculate position. ISAN's technical details is elaborated on github.


ISAN coordinates define a point of X, Y, Z in Space. [0,0,0] is defined to be Origin spawn station.

  • X - Along asteroid belt. If on Origin station, towards an X-shaped station.
  • Y - Out towards asteroid belt, away from planet Eos.
  • Z - "Up", perpendicularly to the sunny side of the asteroid belt.

Known radio transmitters locations:

Station name Message X Y Z
Imperial Capital (at Origin) station_capital_imperial_a -465 0 -800
Empire HQ station_hq_imperial_a -9938 4905 0
Kingdom HQ station_hq_kingdom_a 9894 4904 0
Proving Grounds station_proving_grounds 19219 -45541 0
PvP Station station_kingdom_outpost_b 39152 -46104 -174
Empire Outpost station_imperial_outpost_a -90194 6212 30225
Wrecked Kingdom Outpost station_kingdom_outpost_a 90445 18244 -30137
New Kingdom Outpost station_kingdom_outpost_b_2 100519 12718 -10221


ISAN can be used alongside the community-made ISAN Starmap. The Starmap is in development, so expect changes.

Planned future features:

  • Safezone borders
  • Station info
  • More
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