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Gauss rifle

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Gauss rifle image.png
Gauss rifle
Class and type: Medium weapon
Name: Gauss rifle
General use: Marksman Rifle
General characteristics
Caliber: 8mm Cartridge 8x90
Caliber mass: 4.32 Voxels
Velocity: 700
Magazine size: 12 small, 24 large
Reload time 2.83 seconds
Rounds per minute: 240
Bullet spread: 1.2 degree


Gauss rifle.png
The Gauss rifle is a semi-automatic rifle that utilizes Gauss-enhanced technology, designed to increase traditional bullet speed to an extremely high speed.
The Gauss rifle has a high bullet speed but a fairly small caliber.
Accurate and precise, the Gauss rifle is the ideal hunter's marksman rifle, that can be used in short distances and close quarters as well, unlike a sniper rifle.
Gauss rifle magazine small.png The small magazine holds 12 bullets.
Gauss rifle magazine large.png The large magazine holds 24 bullets.

How to buy

Some trading stations have weapon stores and other useful services.