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Large factions


Empire is one of the two currently largest factions in the universe, ruled by Emperor Laurentius.
The symbol known as the Laurels of Rule is the defining symbol of hope for the citizens of the Empire, or a dreaded and despised symbol for its enemies.
The Empire is at war with the Kingdom.


Kingdom is currently one of the two largest factions in the galaxy.
Ruled by the Supreme Admiral Joel the Just, The Kingdom is currently at war with the Empire.
The crest of the royal house is the Red Star shield adorned with red wings.
The symbol of the royal crest is granted to important personnel and ships within the faction.



Neutral is less of a faction and more of an umbrella term for every robot that is not a member of one of the two largest factions.
As the name implies, neutral robots are neutral in the conflict between Empire and Kingdom.
As Neutral is not actually a faction, there is no single common leadership or government.
Despite having an officially recognized symbol, few neutral robots unite under it, preferring symbols of their own clans, companies, and crews.