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Assault rifle

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Assault rifle image.png
Assault rifle
Class and type: Medium weapon
Name: Assault rifle
General use: Combat rifle
General characteristics
Caliber: 8mm Cartridge 8x90
Caliber mass: 4.32 Voxels
Velocity: 500
Magazine size: 30 small, 50 large
Reload time 2.26 seconds
Rounds per minute: 600
Bullet spread: 1 degree


Assault rifle.png
The assault rifle utilizes centuries-old powder-based delivery system, which is amplified by gauss magnetic rail enhancers along the barrel.
The assault rifle is sometimes regarded as the most reliable and affordable weapon in the known space.

Assault rifle small magazine.png The small magazine holds 30 bullets.

Assault rifle large magazine.png The large magazine holds 50 bullets.

How to buy

Some trading stations have weapon stores and other useful services.