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Resource Bridge

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Resource Port.png
Resource Bridge
Type Cargo device
Function Accesses pipe networks

Size 72 × 72 × 24 cm
Mass 552.43 kg
Volume 59.02 kv
Corrosion resistance 420
Primary material Bastium
Input / Output
Electric input 10,000 per second

Propellant input 50,000 per second

Device interfaces 1

The resource port allows the player to connect to, and interact with, the inventory of ore cargo crates. It can also be used to connect a ship to a refueling station or an ore tower, or even to other ships to allow resource transfer between ships. Resource bridges can not only transfer materials, but also electricity and propellant.

Connection to a resource bridge is necessary to allow transfer of mined materials directly into cargo crates.

Basic information

Resource bridges provide access to cargo crates and propellant tanks when they are connected to a pipe network, and batteries when they are connected to an electrical network. Players connected to a resource bridge can move inventory to and from cargo crates, allowing them to drop material cubes into the world or transfer them to station storage. Picking up a material cube while connected to a resource bridge will place the material into storage, if possible. Connecting a ship to an ore tower also provides an interface for selling ores or refueling.


When interacted with, the resource bridge will show a connection as a glowing yellow strand. The connection will be severed if the player moves too far from the resource port (100 meters).

The resource port allows access to the storage interface for ore cargo crates. Each cargo crate is represented as an inventory slot in the interface in which they are shown.

Ship-to-ship refueling

Ship-to-ship refueling and recharging is possible if two ships are connected via a resource bridge, and both resource bridges are connected to the appropriate networks.

  • If the connection detects a propellant tank connected to the donor ship's resource bridge, only propellant transfer will be possible.
  • If there is no propellant tank connected to the donor ship's resource bridge, electricity transfer will be possible.

The recipient ship can receive either propellant or power, but not at the same time. Thus, to transfer each resource, the donor ship must have two resource bridges: One with a cable and pipe connection, and one with only a cable connection. To transfer resources, the device fields of the resource bridge(s) on the donor ship must be set as follows:

  • FlowIn is set to 0. FlowOut is set to 1.

.. while the recipient ship's resource bridge's device fields are set as follows:

  • FlowIn is set to 1. FlowOut is set to 0.

A single connection can transfer 50,000 propellant per second or 10,000 electricity per second.

Device fields

YOLOL field Description Range
State Dictates whether the resource bridge is on or off. 0 = off, any other value = on. 0 - 1
FlowIn Dictates whether the resource bridge can accept resources. 0 - 1
FlowOut Dictates whether the resource bridge can send resources. 0 - 1

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