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Rail rifle

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Rail rifle image.png
Rail rifle
Weapon classAnti-materiel rifle


Muzzle velocity1,200 m/s
Rate of fire33 RPM

Magazine capacity3
Reload time3.6 seconds
Projectile mass9 voxels


Ajatite 886.00
Arkanium 1418.00

Charodium 3546.00

Ilmatrium 4432.00

Kutonium 1126.70

Vokarium 2127.00

The Rail rifle is an anti-material rifle and is the most powerful (conventional) handheld weapon in the galaxy. It can be used for sharpshooting through walls, breaking the bulwarks of a shield unit, and can pierce through almost any known infantry armor.


Railrifle magazine.png The rail gun magazine holds 3 bullets.

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