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Starbase pioneer.png
Class and type: Civilian ship, patrol scout
Name: Pioneer
General use: Auto-pilot ship for patrolling
General characteristics
Crew: 1 pilot, or no pilot
Thrust power: 280,000
Electricity output: 3,000
Flight time: 216.6 minutes
Thrusters: 4 box, 6 triangle, 18 maneuver
Generator units: 3
Fuel chambers: 2
Propellant containers: 4 small
Other equipment: Radio transmitters

Ship description

Starbase pioneer.png
Pioneer is an unarmed, versatile spaceship with auto-pilot configurations.
Pioneers are also equipped with radio transmitters and a large set of programmed chips, making them suitable ships for patrol duties.
Pioneer was the ship with navigation technology.

Ship location

Pioneer ships can be found at Mega Stations, and in ship showroom within the Capital Mega Station.