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Modular ore cargo crate

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Starbase devices ore crate.png

A modular storage unit that stores ore and materials.

Crates can be stacked to form larger storage unit.

They share power, data and pipe network when stacked.

Crates are interacted with through a conection with a resource bridge.

Basic information

  1. A modular storage unit is one that holds ore and materials. It's maximum capacity is 1728 kv (the equivalent of a 120cm x 120cm x 120cm material cube).
  2. One crate can store only one material type at a time.
    • Requires power to be able to transfer ore within.
    • Does not require power for storing the ore.
    • Has sockets for cable and pipe connections on each side.
  3. Cargo crates can be attached to one another to create larger storage units. No cables or pipes needed between the crates.


Cargo crate interaction is done with any inventory connection established with the crates.

  • For example, a Mining Backpack connection will show cargo crates as slots in the backpack inventory and ore can be pulled to the game world as material cubes.

User Interface

  • Each cargo crate is represented as an inventory slot in any interface they are shown.

Example usage

  • Correct setup for interacting with the crates:
    • Crate should have access to electricity (cables from the crate to power source like generator or battery).
    • Crate should have pipe connection to device hardpoint which has resource bridge bolted to it.
      • The device hardpoint should have access to electricity (cables from the crate to power source like generator or battery.)
    • Player should have a Mining Backpack equipped.
  • With the above setup, player should be able to activate tether connection to the resource bridge by pointing the resource bridge and pressing F.
    • When connection is established, player should see the crates in the mining backpack inventory.