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Starbase devices lever.png

Levers are interactable devices used mainly for controlling devices and machinery.
Levers can also be used to change the value of fields between set minimum and maximum values.

Basic information

  • One-directional levers have "zero" in one end and maximum in the opposite end.
    • Lowering the maximum value lowers the given lever's maximum output to a device.
  • Two-directional levers have minimum and maximum in the far ends and the middle/neutral value is 50.
    • Minimum output has to be lower than the neutral value. Default is 0.
    • Maximum has to be higher than the neutral value. Default is 100.

Device fields

To learn more about how to use fields, consult these wiki pages:

YOLOL field description range
LeverState Lever's current state between LeverMinOutput and LeverMaxOutput LeverMinOutput - LeverMaxOutput
LeverMinOutput Unidirectional - Output in low end, Bidirectional - Output in left end
LeverMaxOutput Unidirectional - Output in high end, Bidirectional - Output in right end
LeverCenterOutput Output value when the lever is in the center
LeverCenterDeadZone How large is the dead zone in the center of an unidirectional lever
LeverCenteringSpeed How fast does (unidirectional lever reset to low end)(bidirectional lever reset to center) once released
LeverBindsMoveSpeed How fast does the lever move with binds