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Faction description

Kingdom is currently one of the two largest factions in the galaxy.
Ruled by the Supreme Admiral Joel the Just, The Kingdom is currently at war with the Empire.
The crest of the royal house is the Red Star shield adorned with red wings.
The symbol of the royal crest is granted to important personnel and ships within the faction.


Arms of the King
Arms of the king sleeve.png
The Arms of the King are the soldiers of the Royal Army and they are responsible for all combat oriented actions during war time.
The Royal Army has a total of fourteen different ranks.
The list of military ships they commandeer is archived here.

Maintenance Company
Relief company sleeve.png
The Maintenance Company’s duty is the physical and mental maintenance of the Royal Army soldiers.
They are also responsible for the ammunition and weaponry of the army.

Royal Engineers
Royal engineers sleeve.png
The Royal Engineers are the maintenance force of the Royal Army.
They take care of technological equipment, vehicles and ships.
Royal Engineers are also mostly used for explosive combat and to support multiple other fighting squads.


Kingdom troops are given different ranks based on their performance, service time, and military branch.
Kingdom ranks final fonts.png