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Spaceship Ithaca.jpg
Side view of the Ithaca
Class and type: Civilian ship, cargo
Name: Ithaca
General use: Durable cargo transport
General characteristics
Crew: 1 pilot (minimum)
Thrust power: 1,100,000
Electricity output: 9,000
Flight time: 177.2 minutes
Thrusters: 55 triangle, 26 maneuver
Generator units: 9
Fuel chambers: 6
Propellant containers: 3 medium, 8 small

Ship description

Spaceship Ithaca.jpg
Ithaca is a large cargo ship that can hold a multi-robot crew.
Although being an unarmed spaceship, Ithaca can withstand damage well, making it a secure ship to transport valuable cargo in.
The current version of Ithaca has gone through several iterations since it was first built, with its hull having been tweaked four times over.

Ship location

Some Mega Stations and trading stations sell and lease civilian spaceships.