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Antigel rifle

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Antigel rifle bg.png
Antigel rifle
Class and type: Medium weapon
Name: Antigel rifle
General use: Anti Infantry
General characteristics
Caliber: 4mm AG Disc 4x50
Velocity: 350
Magazine size: 60
Reload time 2.8 seconds
Rounds per minute: 800
Bullet spread: 1 degree


Antigel rifle.png

The antigel rifle shoots high velocity metallic discs that are effective against infantry and infantry armors.
The weapon is less effective against plated armor. The metallic discs are propelled by electromagnetic rails.
The antigel rifle is powered by a battery with a very long life and reloaded with the physical discs that are then propelled.

Antigel magazine.png The anti-gel magazine holds 60 discs.

How to buy

Some trading stations and Mega Stations have weapon stores and other useful services.