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  • New Player Guide for help in venturing out the first time, popular questions and info on the universe
  • Community:Guides for community-created tutorial videos and other helpful videos


  • Support for general support information and how to file F1 Feedback reports and get help!
  • Support guides for "How To" guides


Important announcements:

Ship vouchers

What are vouchers

Vouchers are used by the game's support team to refund lost or broken spaceships. You can request a voucher by filing an F1 Feedback Tool report for Ingame help. Please specify the ship you're requesting the voucher for, and some details of what happened.

How to know if you've got a voucher

A voucher will show up in the Bank Statement info when received. You can go to the Inventory and check the CV tab, and then Bank Statement. The voucher should show up as a "Received ship voucher" entry.

Starbase voucher bank statement3.png

You may have already received a voucher

If you've requested a voucher, it's possible you may have already received it - check your Bank Statement (you can search). We do not always send any message after the voucher (especially if done via Discord, where we just mark the request with an emote), so you may not be fully aware. In any case please if you've already filed a request, please do not file another request, we are working in order of requests and it's important to not flood the requests.

Find Sunny Ship Center

Each Origin station has a "Sunny Ship Center". It's a green-yellow building (but not the OKI building). Sunny Ship Center sells "starter" versions of many ships, designed for the early experience. These ships only require ores that are found within the safe zone of the Origin station(s). Other stores may sell ships that require more rare ores.

Starbase voucher sunnyship location.jpgStarbase voucher sunnyship logo.jpgStarbase voucher sunnyship location entrance.jpg

Laborer in the middle of Sunny Ship Center

Enter the Sunny Ship Center from the ground level, and find the "Central Showroom" (it's in the middle). There you will find the "Laborer module" ship. Opposite that is the "Laborer module V2", which has a couple of ore crates already added.

Starbase voucher sunnyship central.jpgStarbase voucher sunnyship laborer upclose.jpg

Buy with voucher

Once you've located the ship you have the voucher for, simply press the Buy button and you will get the ship free of cost.

Starbase voucher shipshop free.jpg

Ship Shops vs Starter ships

There are multiple Ship Shops that sell ships. However they may require additional ores not found within the safe zone.

Also please note the Easy Build Hall (/Mode) does not support any store bought ships besides the Laborer module!

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