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This page contains information that pertains only to the closed alpha version of the game, which was discontinued on July 26th, 2021. It has been kept up for posterity only, but you may still edit it.


Revenite is a grey moon first explored during the Closed Alpha phase of Starbase on March 20th, 2021 by Cashmere Captain [NVΛ]. It is believed to be about 34560km from the Elysium warp gate and to be the third moon to ever be explored.

The Endless Journey

The journey was very complicated due to bugs making the ship disappear at roughly the same place 5 times. Something that was jokingly referred to as the "Starbase Bermuda Triangle" by the other members of Novus Aurora. The first successful trip to Revenite took ~80h at the speed of 120m/s BUT Cashmere had to make the journey 6 times due to the many times the ship in use despawned. All and in, Cashmere spent an incredible 250+ hours on reaching Revenite. The entire journey towards Revenite was live-streamed in their discord server.

The Name

The moon's name was decided by the community members of NOVUS ΛURORΛ. A discord channel was set up on their discord server where all community members could send their name suggestions. On the day of the landing, the channel was closed down and a poll was opened where the community members could vote for which of the suggested names they wanted the moon to have. At the moment of touchdown, the community had decided that the moon was to be called Revenite. Revenite being Latin for "to come back".


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