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Fast travel gate core (assembly)

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Fast travel gate core (assembly).png
Fast travel gate core
Type Navigation device
Function Permits travel through warp gates

Size 576×576×288 cm
Mass 173,389 kg
Volume 17,761.1 kv

Input / Output
Electric input Passive

Fast travel gate core center.png
Fast travel gate core outer body.png
Fast travel gate core inner body.png
Fast travel gate core support.png

The fast travel gate core is a complex device that allows passage through warp gates. Though it requires no input power, it must be securely mounted to the ship with each part accounted for and in good condition in order for a ship to be able to use the warp gate.

NOTE: The Fast Travel Gate Core is no longer required for using the Fast Travel Gate and can no longer be crafted.


Each gate core requires the following sub-components to be properly assembled:

These sub-components must be bolted together, but do not require any other input. The core of the device has one device field TravelCoreAssembled which indicates if the device is currently capable of warp gate travel.

Device fields

Gate core center

YOLOL field description range
TravelCoreAssembled Indicates the readiness of the warp gate core 0 - 1

To learn more about how to use fields, consult these wiki pages:

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