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Yolol chip.png

The YOLOL chip is a movable container for programmed scripts.
Scripts can be edited by the physical chip interface directly, or by using the universal tool.
The chip is usually placed in a reader, such as the chip socket or device rack.

Basic information

The YOLOL chip can interact with any connected device networks when placed inside a chip slot.
This interaction is done with a specific script.

How the programmable chips work:

  • The chip executes a single line of the script per configured time interval.
  • The chip has play and pause buttons, and screen lock and unlock buttons.
    • The chips are locked by default, and are opened by sliding down the lock icon on the screen.
  • The chip must be placed into a chip socket, which is connected to a power source and to a data network.
  • One line in the chip can hold in total 70 characters of code.

Device fields

YOLOL field description range
ChipWait Controls script execution. Negative values mean execution is paused, zero means script is being executed, and positive values mean execution will continue after the amount of line runs have passed that are equal to the value. Numeric, any