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Spaceship urchin decal.jpg
Mining shot of the Urchin
Class and type: Civilian ship, mining
Name: Urchin
General use: Harvesting minerals
General characteristics
Crew: 1 pilot
Thrust power: 320,000
Electricity output: 4,000
Flight time: 270.7 minutes
Thrusters: 2 box, 16 triangle, 16 maneuver
Generator units: 4
Fuel chambers: 2
Propellant containers: 1 large
Other equipment: 1 Mining laser, Cargo lock frame

Ship description

Spaceship urchin decal.jpg
Urchin is a hybrid of cargo and mining ships.
Urchin is equipped with powerful mining lasers, that enable efficient mineral harvesting.
Urchin also has a cargo lock frame that can be used to transport cargo.

Ship location

Some Mega Stations or trading stations sell and lease civilian spaceships.