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United Imperial Arms Corp

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Faction Description

United Imperial Arms Corp (UIAC) is a faction that focusses on designing, manufacturing and shipping of weapons and ammunition. UIAC sells to everyone who has the right amount of money and a decent reputation but they also accept longer lasting contracts with bigger factions and corporations. The weapons UIAC sells are based on premade designs researched by the corporation but they always try to develop better and stronger weapons for their contractors. Most products made by the corporation are found in shops build by UIAC but customers can also request shipments of weapons and ammunitions for an extra payment.


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Administration handles the bureaucracy of UIAC. They control what and how much is produced and where it is sold.


Manufacturing handles the production of UIACs products.


The Logistics Section is responsible for the transportation of UIACs wares.


Research&Development is responsible for developing new weapons and ammunitions.

Merchant Marine

The Merchant Marine protects all the assets of UIAC.

Outside Relations

Outside Relations is responsible for diplomatic relations with other factions and for securing contracts with customers.


Lord Administrator

The Lord Administrator is the head of the corporation and controls all that is happening within it. He orders the Administrators of the different sections what their current tasks and overarching missions are.


Administrators control the different sections of the corporation and act on behalf of the Lord Administrator. Even though they are under command of the Lord Administrator they have some autonomy in leading their sections. There is always only one Administrator for each section.


Diplomats and Contractors are responsible for outside relationships and getting new customers and securing contracts with bigger factions.


Manufacturers work in the factories of UIAC to oversee the production of UIACs weapons and ammunition products.


Pilots transport the goods made in UIACs factories to shops or their customers.


Designers and Researchers produce new weapon and ammunition blueprints that can then be manufactured and sold on the market.


The Marines are tasked to protect the assets of UIAC, be it the factories, labs or the starships transporting UIACs goods.