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Twin Vasama

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Spaceship Twin vasama.jpg
Stopped Twin Vasama
Class and type: Civilian ship, moped
Name: Twin Vasama
General use: Casual use, transport
General characteristics
Crew: 1 pilot, 1 passenger
Thrust power: 20,000
Flight time: 44.4 minutes
Thrusters: 13 maneuver
Propellant containers: 1 small

Ship description

Spaceship Twin vasama.jpg

Twin Vasama is a small ship that is powered by batteries. Unlike the original Vasama, Twin Vasama is equipped with two seats and can fit two robots in it.
Compared to the original Vasama, Twin Vasama has a hovering mode and a better mobility.

Ship location

Capital Mega Stations sell and lease Twin Vasama mopeds.