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The Wake

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The Wake.png
Admiral and Co-Founder PandaPants200
Captain and Co-founder OuiOuiBonBon, Holcrafter,

GmanTheHeMan, Kyra AKA Lops(retired),

tiddles451, ReallyNeatLobster, fishfired

Slogan/Motto "Occasio Lucri [Opportunity for Profit]"
Main Focus Scavenging
Affiliation Opportunistically Neutral"
Official Tag [TW]
Founded April 24th 2020
Official Colors Dark Red accents on Black


The Wake is a multi-purpose faction specializing mostly in Scavenging but also in: Manufacturing and potentially Military technology. The Wake was founded on April 24th 2020

We value individuality and new fun ideas. Also cool ships and weapons(shiny).

Our Interests

  • Scavenging (Just your friendly neighborhood carrion eaters)
  • Ship design (Niche scavenging ships and defense vessels)
  • Station design (outposts)
  • Automated production facilities (mainly for our own benefit, though we might do contracted work)
  • Mining (mining is for our own use, though we might sell mined resources)


Admiral (Adm.)

Admin of the discord server and member of faction high command.

Captain (Capt.)

Moderators and members of faction high command.

Commander (Cdr.)

Commanders are people that have been decorated for their service in their Specialization.

Lieutenant (Lt.)

Lieutenants are people that have been with the faction long enough to be recognized, and trusted for their Specialization services.

Ensign (Ens.)

Ensigns are verified members(Have field experience or have proven themselves to be trustworthy.

Enlisted Endo

Enlisted Endos are people that have just recently joined the faction and have had little to no field experience.

  • Note: All non founding members are temporarily classified as Enlisted Endos

Industry Specializations

[Keeping The Wake Rolling] Industry Specializations apply to people that assist in one of the following roles:


All members are scrappers at heart but some find their calling breaking down ships and cleaning up after battles.


The logistical backbone of The Wake Haulers are the crew of vessels tasked with transporting materials.


Miners gather the raw resources that keep The Wake Moving.


Engineers are designers and YOLOL programmers that take care of The Wake's ships and systems.


Craftsbots who produce *The Wake's* parts and ships and take charge of station construction.

Military Specializations

[You're in the Navy Now] Combat Specializations apply to people that fight in battle with one of the following roles:


Marines make up The Wake's Primary military forces. They are proficient in weapons systems and boarding ships.


Gunners are part Marine part Engineer. Always aware of their surroundings gunners look after and operate *The Wake's* heavy weapons systems. Many Gunners are also ships engineers and repair specialists working where help is needed.


Pilots make the quick decisions required to keep *The Wake's* ships flying. Besides putting ships on course they also have some command of ship systems.


Skippers are individuals who have shown field knowledge. Swiss army knives they make sure that their ship is at *The Wake's* disposal. Most Skippers start out as pilots but Engineers, Gunners, and even Marines who can handle command decisions and problem solve on the fly can become Skippers.

  • Note: All persons stationed on ships are expected to have weapons for personal defense of their ship and endo-skeleton.

Foreign Service

[Face of The Wake] Foreign Service Specializations apply to people that are a part of the diplomat corp:


Diplomats maintain relations with other factions on behalf of The Wake. This includes taking requests from parties interested in paying for The Wake's Services.

Joining The Wake

If you wish to join The Wake or visit us for diplomatic reasons please join The Wake's Discord server