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Stations are stationary structures created and maintained by robots. Depending on what is needed from them, they can vary widely in shapes and sizes.
Stations can be built with the station creator tool. On larger stations, personal lots that can be built on may be available for rent.

Station types

Gas station

Gas stations can be found all across the galaxy.
Most commonly gas stations are located near Capital Mega Stations or asteroid belts, but they can be found at more desolate locations as well.
It is however advisable to prepare with enough of fuel and propellant for longer expeditions, as in the more desolate areas the gas stations are few and far between or they might not yet exist at all.

Capital Mega Station

Capital Mega Stations are space stations, that have massive superstructures of different shapes and sizes.
The diameter of the superstructures can be up to hundreds of kilometres, depending on the size of the communities habiting the stations.
Capital Mega Stations are ever-growing constructs as they expand over time with the arrival of new explorers, traders and settlers.
These massive stations are commonly referred to with the shorter name "Mega Stations". There are no set limit for the size of these stations.
Mega Stations are powered by solar panels.

Trading station

Trading stations are generally located near Mega Stations or asteroid belts.
Each trading station focuses on importing and exporting different goods meaning that the purchase price of goods varies from station to station.