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Radio transmitters

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Radio Transmitter.png

A radio transmitter is a station only device, it's signals are detectable using navigation receivers.

Basic information

  • Transmitters:
  • Have limited range, station transmitters have a maximum range of 1000000, or 1000km
  • Sends a message to any receiver, which is in the correct range.
  • Does not transmit power, which means receivers must have their own power sources.

Known station transmitters

  • All Station transmitters broadcast on frequncy 1.
  • Coordinates provided are community navigation system based, for more information see: community navigation systems.
Station name Message X Y Z
Imperial Capital (Origin) station_capital_imperial_a -465.876 0.236 -801.149
Empire HQ station_hq_imperial_a -9938.401 4904.714 0
Kingdom HQ station_hq_kingdom_a 9894.287 4904.714 0
Proving Grounds station_proving_grounds 19218.818 -45540.987 0
PvP Station station_kingdom_outpost_b 39152.3 -46104.2 -174.2
Empire Outpost station_imperial_outpost_a -90194.0 6211.8 30225.2
Wrecked Kingdom Outpost station_kingdom_outpost_a 90444.9 18244.4 -30137.4
New Kingdom Outpost station_kingdom_outpost_b_2 100519.2 12718.0 -10221.2

Device fields

To learn more about how to use fields, consult these wiki pages:


YOLOL field description range
TransmitMessage Message being sent 0
TransmitRange Range where the message can be received 1000000
Frequency The frequency channel the transmitter will send signals to. 0