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Radio transmitters

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Starbase radar radio devices.png

Radio transmitter is a device that allows the transfer of data wirelessly.
Radio receiver is a device that can receive wireless data.

Basic information

Radio transmitters are split into two types: transmitters, and receivers.

  • Transmitters:
    • Have limited range, which varies depending on the quality of the transmitter.
    • Sends a message to any receiver, which is in the correct range.
    • Are bolted to a base from which they receive power.
    • Does not transmit power, which means the receivers and transmitters must have their own power sources.
  • Receivers:
    • Have to be pointed to the direction of a transmitter.
    • They only look for signals in the area they're pointed at. This means that receivers may have to scan areas section by section to find transmitter messages.
    • If a receiver is in the range of a transmitter and is pointed towards the transmitter, the transmitter's message is set to the receiver's "Message"-field.

Device fields

To learn more about how to use fields, consult these wiki pages:


YOLOL field description range
TransmitMessage Message being sent 0
TransmitRange Range where the message can be received 30000
Frequency The frequency channel the transmitter will send signals to. 0


YOLOL field description range
Message Found message 0
SignalStrength Strength of the found signal 0
ListenAngle 45
TargetMessage The message the receiver will exclusively listen to, 0 means listens to all 0
TargetFrequency The frequency the receiver will exclusively listen to, 0 means listens to all 45
Frequency The frequency of the transmitter currently listened to, 0 if no signal found. 0
ReceiverPitch Target pitch of the device 0
ReceiverCurrentPitch Current pitch of the device 0
MaxRotation Maximum limit for rotation 180
MinRotation Minimum limit for rotation -180
TargetVelocity Target velocity in which the device rotates 3