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Passenger chair

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Starbase passenger chair.png
Passenger chairs, with and without stands
Passenger chair
Type Control device
Function Furniture

Size 156×50×90 cm (assembled)
Mass 1,494.78 kg (assembled)
Volume 150.23 kv (assembled)
Corrosion resistance 300 (lowest)
Primary material Bastium
Composition (chair)

Composition (stand)

Bastium 100%

Unlike pilot chairs, passenger chairs serve only a singular purpose: To provide a place for an endoskeleton to relax after a long day in the belt. Passenger chairs have no key-binding functionality, and no electrical sockets on their stands.

Basic information

Passenger seats can be assembled from two pieces bolted together, though the seat is functional as a single part:

  • Seat
  • Stand


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