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Modular displays

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Modular displays.png

Modular displays are YOLOL supported displays, most commonly used in spaceship cockpits as information screens and they are considered vital for easy ship management.
Modular displays are generically configured to show progress from 0 to 100.
They can however be programmed to display whatever numeric information needed.

Basic information

All modular displays need to be connected to a data network and a power source in order for them to work.

  • Modular displays are designed for displaying information.
  • The displayable content is set to the PanelValue field.
  • They can be connected to the modular display base directly or via another modular display by snapping them together.
  • They must be bolted to a plate or a beam.

Device fields

To learn more about how to use fields, consult these wiki pages:

YOLOL field description range
PanelValue The value shown on the progress bar. Note that progress bar is full at 100