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Spaceship hedron decal.jpg
Side view of the Hedron
Class and type: Civilian ship, scout
Name: Hedron
General use: Reporter
General characteristics
Crew: 1 pilot
Thrust power: 720,000
Electricity output: 4,000
Flight time: 79.6 minutes
Thrusters: 4 box, 32 triangle, 24 maneuver
Generator units: 4
Fuel chambers: 2
Propellant containers: 5 small

Ship description

Spaceship hedron decal.jpg
Hedron is a small and nimble civilian ship, with automatic landing helpers that make the ship suitable for more inexperienced pilots, or for those who prefer some luxury.
Hedrons have a low flight time, so storing some spare fuel in the ship is generally considered good practice.
Hedron ships are not suitable for warfare and battles, as their primary designed function is to serve as ships for civilians and for example reporters.

Ship location

Some Mega Stations or trading stations sell and lease civilian spaceships.