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Cargo lock frame

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Starbase devices cargo lock frame.png

Cargo lock frame is formed of series of components, which when properly assembled, enable objects to remain static when placed inside it.
Due to this feature, cargo lock frames are optimal for transportation of cargo of any kind.
The cargo lock frame can be transported inside a spaceship, with a cargo beam, or even by hand.

Basic information

In order to function, the cargo lock frame needs to be constructed properly from specific individual components, consisting of multiple side pieces, and eight corner pieces.
When constructed and bolted together, cargo lock frame activates, locking cargo inside it in place.
The user experience of cargo lock frames can be enhanced for example by bolting a cargo frame slider to the frame to control the cargo frame's state.
In order for the slider to work, the cargo frame needs to be fully constructed first.
Cargo lock frame can be found on the mining ship Urchin by default.