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Capital Mega Station

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The corner of a Mega Station

Capital Mega Station introduction

Capital Mega Stations are space stations, that have massive superstructures of different shapes and sizes.
The diameter of the superstructures can be up to hundreds of kilometres, depending on the size of the communities habiting the stations.
Capital Mega Stations are ever-growing constructs as they expand over time with the arrival of new explorers, traders and settlers.
These massive stations are commonly referred to with the shorter name "Mega Stations". There are no set limit for the size of these stations.
Mega Stations are powered by solar panels.

Capital Mega Station services


Some Mega Stations are often conveniently built next to asteroid fields.
Usually these Mega Stations offer the possibility to enlist as a miner to create income.


Some Mega Stations offer lot rental services.
Within the rented lot, it is possible to build customized home stations, parking spaces, or for example stores from pre-created modules.
The construction is done using the station creator.


Mega Stations generally have various shops and stores located at them.
Often Mega Stations are also located near trading stations where for example raw materials can be sold and traded.

Ship showroom

New spaceships can be bought from the Ship showrooms.
All available and ready-built ships are displayed there, making it a convenient location to find a ship suitable for your needs.


Various factories can also be found on Mega Stations.
Factories vary in sizes and the products they produce can range from spaceship parts, to bolts, weapons and more.

Capital Mega Station pictures