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Starbase buttons.png

Universally there are two types of buttons that are commonly used; modular button panels and mechanical buttons with adjustable interaction style.
The latter type can also include a YOLOL screen and they are usually referred to as the "hybrid buttons".

Basic information

Configuring a button:

  • Set the ButtonState field's name to match the device field you want to control.
  • Set the On- and Off-state values.
  • Pressing the mechanical button changes its state depending on ButtonStyle -field value.
  • Modular button panels toggle between On and Off-state.

Device fields

To learn more about the usage of fields, consult these wiki pages:

YOLOL field description range
ButtonState The name of the field of which value the button modifies
ButtonOnStateValue Controls the value when pressed
ButtonOffStateValue Controls the value when released
ButtonStyle Controls the interaction style of the button 0: Hold down and release 1: Basic Toggle (simple click to toggle) 2: 4-state switch (like a click pen)