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Artemis Cargo Corporation

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Artemis Cargo Corporation
Cargo Operations Director Some1Gee
Mining Operations Director Gravshark
Mining Operations Director CirrusJT
Protective Logistics Director SnacklessKerbal
Manufacturing Operations Director Church
Assisting Operations Director MIEPIC
Faction Information
Official Colors: Blue, Red
Motto/Slogan Still Launching Before The SLS
Founded: July 14th, 2019
Members 47
Discord Link
Callsign [ACC]
Primary Function Cargo
Secondary Functions Mining/Escort Services
Foreign Affairs
Alignment Neutral
Alliances Lodestar
Enemies None

About Us

Artemis Cargo Corporation is a logistics focused mercantile faction. We're lead by a team of experienced MMO players and are ready to transport packages around the universe. Aside from cargo transportation, ACC also partakes in mining and ship escort services as well as ore refining and ship designing in order to become a well-rounded faction that can help with anyone who needs it. We're here to help and ready to provide the services needed for safe cargo transportation! We have a calm, casual, and friendly community! The full in-depth list of our planned services is below, however, only the first three services will be implemented from the start of the game seeing as ACC still requires time to grow and Starbase has not yet been released.
1. Cargo Transportation
2. Mining Services
3. Refining and Material Manufacturing
4. Escort Services
5. Ship Building Services

Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure3.png


Cargo Transportation

As the name says, Artemis Cargo Corporation specializes in the transportation and delivery of cargo. Logistics is a major need for almost anything done in Starbase. Cargo ships will be based out of different mega stations and will transport any cargo as long as it isn't dangerous for the endos on board.


While cargo will be a main focus of Artemis Cargo Corporation, we will also do mining services. Our mining division will focus on collecting ore for refinement and will be able to aid in the production of materials and ships.

Escort Services

Artemis Cargo Corporation will also be offering escort services. These ships will be used for defensive purposes only and will be armed fighters to fly with any of your important ships that need protection. OUR ESCORT SHIPS WILL FIGHT IN ANY DEFENSIVE SITUATIONS, BUT WILL NOT CONTINUE TO ATTACK ONCE THE OPPOSITION IS REPELLED AND FLEEING OR TOO DAMAGED TO CONTINUE.

Refining and Manufacturing

The refining of the ores mined and the production of materials and ships is a very important ability to have. The Refining and Manufacturing division will focus on turning ores into materials as well as designing and, in the future, building ships for the faction as well as for others if we chose to pursue it.