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Toha Heavy Industries

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Toha Heavy Industries
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Department of Commerce
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Department of Infrastructure
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Department of Defense
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Faction Information
Exports: Manufactured/Refined Goods.
Official Colors: Black/Orange
Motto/Slogan "Building the future bigger."
Date of founding: Feb 12, 2020
Member count ~60
Discord Link
Tags [TOHA]
Foreign Affairs
Allegiance Neutral
Alliances None declared

Toha Heavy Industries plans on becoming a major manufacturing and engineering corporation. This would take the creation of a mega structure with the manpower to fill in the production gaps and people necessary to provide security for the corporate investments. With this comes the needed dedication and mental fortitude of all of our employees due to the task at hand. The corporation needs employees who are able to do what it takes to help the company progress further in our goals. The corporation plans on handling all of your needs packed all inside of the station, so that you never have to leave. That includes repairing your ship to repairing yourself.


Toha Heavy Industries is divided into departments that sort out the members. Each Department has a lead that has earned their position through work for the corporation.


This department as the name implies, focuses on bringing funding into the corporation to then help sponsor activities.


The Infrastructure department works as the backbone of this corporate society, forming the main workforce that drives the corporation.


The department that keeps our corporate investments safe, working so that the other departments can do their job without fear or interruption.



Toha Heavy industries started as...

Early Access

Has yet to be announced...

Contact Information

Our primary communications platform is our Discord server.

Join now at