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The Midnight Order

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The Midnight Order
The Midnight Order.png
Core Members
Endi-116 (commander, founder)
Faction Information
Date of founding: 2, 10, 2020
Member count 1
Discord Link
Delian League Delos Star Corps

The Midnight Order is a neutral faction that will be of assistance to allies, whether that's war, building, or programming. They try to avoid having enemies, and will often work as a trading center for factions.


Ξ Commander

Ξ Commanders are the leaders of the faction.

Δ Faction Officer

Δ Faction officers watch over and regulate members.

Σ Captain

Σ Captains command the people of smaller branches in the faction.

Ω Member

Ω Members are people that have been with the faction long enough to be recognized, and trusted.

Φ Recruit

Φ Recruits are people that have just recently joined the faction.

Builder Roles

Builder roles apply to people that assist in building in one of the following roles:


Engineers are designers of bases, and general construction.

Maintenance Worker

Maintenance workers are for repairing damage dealt to structures, and ships.


Programmers are users of YOLOL, programming ships and bases for their needs.

Ship Designer

Ship designers focus on the creation of personal and fleet ships.

Combat Roles

Combat roles apply to people that fight in battle with one of the following roles:


Gunners are units that will man mounted turrets in ships to protect it in combat from enemies.

Heavy Infantry

Heavy infantry troops are usually in the front-lines, with large bulky heavy damage dealing weapons.

Light Infantry

Light infantry are troop units meant for combat that have light weapons and more versatile combat, but with less firepower.

Special Ops

Special ops units are deployed in battle with specialized weapons or roles. They are sometimes used in sabotage and don't enter combat.

Miscellaneous Roles

Miscellaneous roles apply to people that assist in a non-combat and non-construction way with one of the following roles:


Harvesters gather resources for the faction, preventing lack of materials.


Medics are used on the battlefield to repair allies in need.


Pilots are used to control and drive the Midnight ships to their destination, or in combat.


Most of the faction's ships will remain private, a few will be on here.

None yet


Most of the stations will be available for public access and trade.

None yet


None yet