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Station Building Guide

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Guide for Starbase Station building.


Enter the game

Step I

Start the game and choose "ENTER UNIVERSE" from the Main Menu.

2020-12-07 15 30 43-Starbase.png

Step II

This takes you to the character selection menu. Create a character if you don't have one. If you do, just select Enter Universe.

2020-12-07 15 30 58-Starbase.png

Buy Station Foundation Blueprint Projector

When you have entered the game look for the Marketplace.

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Step I

Find the shop called "Constructs".

2020-12-07 15 32 22-Starbase.png

Step II

Buy the Station Foundation Blueprint Projector and make sure it is in your inventory when leaving the station.

2020-12-04 16 02 20-Starbase.png

2020-12-07 15 44 00-Starbase.png

Create your station

Find an empty spot in the universe and press the button on the Station Foundation Blueprint Projector.

  • You cannot create your station too close to other stations
  • You cannot create your station in restricted areas
  • If you try to create your station but the area is restricted, pick up the projector and find a more suitable place

2020-12-07 15 56 23-Starbase.png

2020-12-07 15 56 45-Starbase.png

Build station foundation

Build the Station Foundation Blueprint. You can build it in three different ways:

1. By using a building tool and having the correct materials in your inventory or station storage.

  • You can see which materials are required for each part by accessing the Universal Tool and choosing the Materials tab

2020-12-07 16 34 32-Starbase.png

2. Automated building; you have correct pieces in your inventory or station storage and they automatically go to the blueprint at the rate of one piece in one second.

  • You can change the automated building settings by pressing I and navigating to Stations tab, and choosing Building page

3. Manually snapping the correct piece into place (press C to toggle snapping on/off) and weld with M1 (and unweld with M2 if needed) using the welding tool.

2020-12-07 16 50 48-Starbase.png

2020-12-07 16 51 02-Starbase.png

Add modules to your station

Once the station foundation is finished, the Station Designer can be accessed from the terminal inside it!

2020-12-08 13 08 34-Starbase.png

Resigning and claiming a station

  • You can resign a station from the terminal inside the station foundation at any time
  • You can also resign the station by pressing the button on Station Foundation Blueprint Projector, if nothing has been built yet
  • Once you resign your station, anyone can claim it, becoming the new owner


Placing 45 degree corners

Placing 90 degree corners

Placing vertical bridges

Stacking vertical bridges