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Station Building Guide

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Guide for Starbase Station building.


Enter the game

Step I

Start the game and choose "ENTER UNIVERSE" from the Main Menu.

2020-12-07 15 30 43-Starbase.png

Step II

This takes you to the character selection menu. Create a character if you don't have one. If you do, just select Enter Universe.

2020-12-07 15 30 58-Starbase.png

Buy Station Foundation Blueprint Projector

When you have entered the game look for the Marketplace.

2020-12-04 15 51 55-Starbase.png

Step I

Find the shop called "Constructs".

2020-12-07 15 32 22-Starbase.png

Step II

Buy the Station Foundation Blueprint Projector and make sure it is in your inventory when leaving the station.

2020-12-04 16 02 20-Starbase.png

2020-12-07 15 44 00-Starbase.png

Create your station

Find an empty spot in the universe and press the button on the Station Foundation Blueprint Projector.

  • You cannot create your station too close to other stations
  • You cannot create your station in restricted areas
  • If you try to create your station but the area is restricted, pick up the projector and find a more suitable place

2020-12-07 15 56 23-Starbase.png

2020-12-07 15 56 45-Starbase.png

Build station foundation

Build the Station Foundation Blueprint. You can build it in three different ways:

1. By using a building tool and having the correct materials in your inventory or station storage.

  • You can see which materials are required for each part by accessing the Universal Tool and choosing the Materials tab

2020-12-07 16 34 32-Starbase.png

2. Automated building; you have correct pieces in your inventory or station storage and they automatically go to the blueprint at the rate of one piece in one second.

  • You can change the automated building settings by pressing I and navigating to Stations tab, and choosing Building page

3. Manually snapping the correct piece into place (press C to toggle snapping on/off) and weld with M1 (and unweld with M2 if needed) using the welding tool.

2020-12-07 16 50 48-Starbase.png

2020-12-07 16 51 02-Starbase.png

Add modules to your station

Once the station foundation is finished, the Station Designer can be accessed from the terminal inside it!

2020-12-08 13 08 34-Starbase.png


Your Station will not work properly if the modules are not fully attached the the Foundation. The Landing Pad does not snap to it, only lot modules. Use the "Show detached Station parts" button in the station desinger to highlight faulty modules before saving.

Resigning and claiming a station

  • You can resign a station from the terminal inside the station foundation at any time
  • You can also resign the station by pressing the button on Station Foundation Blueprint Projector, if nothing has been built yet
  • Once you resign your station, anyone can claim it, becoming the new owner


Placing 45 degree corners

Placing 90 degree corners

Placing vertical bridges

Stacking vertical bridges