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Save Our Ships

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Save Our Ships (SOS)
Leader: Simulator Haven
Vice-Leader None
Authority Style None
Faction Information
Official Colors: White and Red
Official Motto/Slogan ?
Date of founding: ?
Membership strength Unknown
Primary Industry Public Search and Rescue
Foreign Affairs
Political Standing Absolute Neutrality

What is Save Our Ships?

Save Our Ships is a faction dedicated to Search and Rescue. This translates into Refueling, Repairs, among other emergencies.

We champion ourselves as being one of the most neutral factions. We will never enter an offensive war, and will not stoke relations to put us in a defensive war position. If you are a faction representative, feel free to contact us as forming new bonds and contacts are beneficial to both sides.

Discord Link:

Join the Discord to have a fun chat with friendly people or talk with our rescuers! We always enjoy seeing new faces!

Website: Https://

Go to our website to see further information or request help!