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Rising Sun Corporation

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Rising Sun Corporation
RisingSun Logo.png
Board of Directors
  • Flooxi
  • Shepard
  • Invictus
  • Gooseth
  • Kayahan81
  • Oscar
  • Pudding
  • Moon

Faction Information
Official Motto Trade To Prosper
Official Colours Gold,Black and Grey
Primary Industry Mining, Security and Trading
Date of Formation: June 12, 2019
Joining Only after a one week trial
Staff Count 60
Server Member Count 180
Discord Link
Tag [RSC]

Faction Mission Statement

The mission of RSC is to establish economic stability & peace in the know sectors of the galaxy. Our focus lies in extracting, protecting and selling of goods to any clients or persons of interest. We rely on Mining, Manufacturing and Private Security Escort jobs to keep the consumer market protected, fluent and reliable.

Become a client today to have access to our Trained Protection Wing- Ferrum. Ferrum is our skilled Private Security Detachment with a wealth of experience and knowledge, protecting our assets and yours at all costs.*

*RSC is a neutral faction and will not be partied into any war that breaks its neutrality. Ferrum is used for the protection of assets and combating local militias.

We have a dedicated Research and Development unit that creates new means of warfare, ordinance and space travel to enable us to fulfil our mission statement.

We are open to alliances and partnerships upon request at any point in time.

RSC Lore

RSC was founded by Flooxi and Shepard on June 12th 2019, with the ambition to create a thriving community passionate for Starbase.

Since our formation, we have gained a plethora of talented individuals from all around the world.

We are a neutral faction with an alliance to Lodestar alliance and NAPs (Non-Aggression Pacts) with other factions.

RSC does not have a singular leader, like a CEO/Emperor- Instead we have a Board of Directors (BoD). The BoD listen to the advise of the Heads of Departments and Section Leaders. The BoD also reserve the right to Executive Power, where the Board can enact new changes by gaining a majority of votes amongst other BoD.

Board of Directors: The 'council' of the RSC that makes all the important decisions. Typically the people who manage and create the structure of the corporation for the rest of the Rising Sun to build from.

Staff Administrators: The staff that have proven themselves trustworthy. Hand Picked individuals who manage staff and our Discord.

Heads of Departments: The Managers of each separate division of the Rising Sun; Construction, Labour, Defence, Design and Engineer.

Section Leaders: The team leaders of the subsections in a department.

Join RSC Today!

Why join RSC?

We are a fairly new community with over 150 members and 60+ Staff from around the world. Members are active on other games and we are constantly active in the chats with each other. Not only are we avid gamers passionate about Starbase, we have a wide range of skilled individuals, ranging from coding to graphics, to leadership to much more- so there's always someone to talk to.

Still not sure?

Why not just join our Discord and get to know some of us? You might see what you're missing out on and want to submit and application for RSC Staff! (You don't need to be staff to play games with us. We can assign you a 'Visitor' role where you can still interact and organise sessions with the wider community)

Do I need to make any commitments?

As a 'Visitor' you have no commitments nor obligations to RSC- just talk and play whenever you want. In the future we intend to host community game nights/events and just have all out fun (optional to attend). As Staff, you have a small commitment to perform your duties in Starbase, as set out by your Head of Department/Section Leader. All we ask of 'Visitors' is to observe our Server Rules and Discord's ToS.


Our website is still in development, but feel free to hop on over.

Rising Sun Corporation media

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Join RSC today!