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Rail sensor strip

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Starbase sensor strip.png

The sensor strip provides accurate positioning data for rail movers that pass it on the rail the sensor strip is connected to.
This enables the tracking of the rail mover's precise location at any point.

Basic information

  • When bolted to a rail, the sensor strip detects movers passing over it
    • The sensor strip adjusts the device field variable to report the distance between the detected mover's center and one end of the strip
      • In case the strip detects multiple movers, it reports the distance of the mover closest to the end
    • A delta-variable can be changed to enable multiple strips working in a sequence to provide accurate positioning data along a large rail section
    • The user can also set a variable to make the strip only detect movers with a specific RailMoverTriggerValue

Device fields

To learn more about how to use fields, consult these wiki pages:

YOLOL field description range
RailSensorOutput The output field the sensor strip writes to. Decimal metres. Without delta: [0,0.960], with delta: any numeric
RailSensorDelta Value added to the detected range before writing the result to RailSensorOutput Numeric, any
RailSensorMoverFilter If non-zero, the strip only detects movers with RailMoverTriggerValue equal to this.