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Orbital Salvage Corporation

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Orbital Salvage Corporation
Leadership Structure
CEO CheesiestMaster
Vice President None Currently
CFO UltraRedStrike DCFO None Currently
CLO Edog DCLO None Currently
CSO Rebel DCSO None Currently
CCO MandiDaze DCCO JD82
CRO Robert DCRO None Currently
DEC Hacodeman DDEC MakeSureToKnock
DER Top Gun DDER None Currently
Company Type Board based Multi Branch Corporation
Corporate Information
Official Colors: (De facto) None yet
Date of founding: Febuary 07, 2020
Membership strength 39
Discord Link
Primary Industry Salvage
Secondary Industry Research
Foreign Affairs
  • Rising Sun Corporation NAP 03/02/2020, NSA 03/03/2020
  • Toha Heavy Industries NAP 03/02/2020
  • SkyJak Industries NAP 03/02/2020
  • Dragon Bank NAP 03/04/2020
  • Helios NAP 03/10/2020
  • Chrome NAP 03/24/2020
  • Awoo NAP 03/10/2020
  • ACES NAP 03/10/2020
  • GF NAP 04/15/2020
  • Aegis Dynamics NAP 04/23/2020
  • TNL NAP 07/05/2020

Enemies None


This Corporation is lead by it's Board of Directors. Its purpose is as a salvage company that collects excess wreckage after battles and after reverse engineering the wreckage sells parts of the ships for below market prices

Contact Info

official gmail
[email protected]
Official website



CEO - Chief Executive Officer - CheesiestMaster
VP - Vice President - Open



  • USAG
  • DragonBait
  • Morriahrty


CFO - Chief Financial Officer - UltraRedStrike
DCFO - Deputy Chief Financial Officer - Open


  • BenShaPeter


CSO - Chief Security Officer - Rebel
DCSO - Deputy Chief Security Officer - Open


CLO - Chief Legal Officer - Edog
DCLO - Deputy Chief Legal Officer - Open

EMB Aegis Dynamics

  • Ambassador Shaggy

Public Relations

CCO - Chief Community Officer - MandieDaze
DCCO - Deputy Chief Community Officer - JD82


CRO - Chief Research Officer - Robert
DCRO - Deputy Chief Research Officer - Open


  • Ansontp (Lead)


  • Lauva (Lead)


DEC - Director of Engineering and Construction - Hacodeman
DDEC - Deputy Director of Engineering and Construction - MakeSureToKnock


  • Sen
  • Sin


  • Lieutenant AH-64 Delta (1st SRT, HQIS)


  • AirCymru (OP1 Lead)
  • Sen (OP1)


  • Bongo
  • Marius
  • Raven
  • dontpopme
  • Kiem Vek
  • Kugamo
  • Duke
  • Socks
  • Sergeant Ph0enix F1rebird (1st SRT, HQIS)

Endo Resources

DER - Director of Endo Resources - Top Gun
DDER - Deputy Director of Endo Resources - Open

Security Units

Internal Security

Headquarters Internal Security

Chief of Staff for Internal Security - General Ocean
Vice Chief of Staff for Internal Security - Open

Orbital Salvage Military Academy

Superintendent - Open
Dean - Open
Commandant - Open

External Security

Headquarters External Security

Chief of External Security - Ensign Anakin
Vice Chief of External Security - Open

Executive Headquarters Fleet

Commanding Officer - Admiral Ghost
Coordination Commander - Admiral Coolator
Fleet Commander - Ensign Herwork
Chief Pilot - Ensign 11er33
Escort Pilots

  • Ensign PapaPiet (Cruiser)
Rebel Raiders

Commanding Officer - General Rebel

Salvage Protection

Headquarters Salvage Protection

Commandant of Salvage Protection - Open
Assistant Commandant of Salvage Protection - Open

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