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New Federal Republic

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New Federal Republic
NFR flag high qual.jpg
President: Atro
Vice President: Reusablemule
Senators: N/A
Secretary of Military OPs: Gamestock
Secretary of Naval Ops: Sqwark
Secretary of Black Ops: Syphm
Secretary of Civil Sevices: Plant
Ideology: Freedom and Democracy
Official Colors: Blue and White
Motto: In the face of tyranny we shall not cower, in the face of death we shall not falter
Date of founding: Unfinished
Playerbase: ~20
Main Interests: The spread of democracy and freedom across the galaxy
Discord Link:
Alliances: Member of the Freedom Pact alliance

Our goals:

We seek to spread our ideology of freedom and democracy across the stars so that every citizen of the galaxy can live in peace and hope of a brighter future in which everyone is treated equally. We seek to build a future for everyone, although to achieve this vision we know that we may have to get our hands dirty, so we are not afraid to fight for what we believe in, even if it means our end. We will also seek to achieve our goals through alliances and other peaceful methods.

Government structure:

The New Federal Republic government is a federal government comprised of multiple states which have elected representatives who can forward and vote on different Bills which the senate will also vote on. The senate is comprised of senators which are chosen by the highest ranking members and are based on activity and position as a leader and capable politician. The congressional system of the New Federal Republic is one of the main systems for change within the republic as they vote on and bring forth crucial bills. Senators and Representatives also have the capability of becoming secretaries such as secretary of defence or secretary of foreign affairs. These positions can be given to congressional members by being voted for the role by other members or having it granted to them by the president or vice president. These roles are given to members that excel in the appropriate areas and show good levels of leadership.