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MACHINI Corporation

Developed by a designer that specialises in modular, reliable ships, and a coder with a passion for exotic technologies and weaponry, Machini Corporation provides its customers with a ship tailored exactly to their needs.

Machini Corporation can supply your faction with cutting edge fighters to give your faction an advantage against your enemies, haulers for transporting ludicrous amount of cargo, or even stealthy bounty hunting ships, with all the latest upgrades so that they'll never see it coming.

We offer a range of prebuilt, speedily delivered ships that are true to the classic selection of sci-fi vessels. They're designed for efficiency, ease of use and are easy to maintain, which we think is important in this unpredictable universe. We will also add whatever aesthetic features you want as well, including your faction's logo, a snazzy paintjob, or even go faster stripes, for that extra bit of speed.

Our modular ships are also an option, however, and customisable based on what you need. You choose the various aspects of the ship from a wide selection, and we'll assemble them to create a ship that'll suit that mission perfectly. Mining ships, cargo haulers, fuel tankers, construction ships as well as pleasure yachts, personal shuttles and runabouts for getting around the megastation are all supported, with a shared design language being available across your personal collection or faction fleet thanks to the modular design principles underpinning our civilian range. The aesthetics of your modules are completely customisable, as well as their being a large range of adornments and non-functional modules available to make your ship just to your personal taste. We will happily supply entire fleets of these civilian ships, and a range of ship designs for use by a faction or individual can be commissioned and delivered in bulk. We will supply almost any combination of modules to any prospective customer, allowing you to get the ship you want to do the job it needs to do.

Our WARCORE range is slightly different, and designed for factions, no matter what size. If you tell us what you want in a fighter, we'll design it with all the features that you wanted, then produce it on a larger scale to form the backbone of your faction's fighting force. These can be sturdy vessels, designed to take and deal a lot of damage, or a smaller series of fighters, perfect for strategic hit-and-run missions against your foes. Whatever you want, we'll design, make, and deliver. WARCORE is ideal for those who like the simplicity and unbeatable price of the civilian range of modular ships, whilst being equipped with the highest grade military technology on the market. If cheap, reliable and customisable warships is what you want, then WARCORE is the range for you.

Finally, say you have an idea for a ship, but also want it to be reliable, sleek and very functional? We offer a premium, bespoke building service. Anything you can describe, draw, or imagine, we'll build. It can have any feature you want that abides by the laws of physics, reason, and maybe your wallet. You want synchronised turrets on your cargo freighter? An incredibly fast fighter with very hard hitting weapons? A bounty hunting ship with a room inside for collecting the heads of your enemies? (No, we don't offer therapists, but you need one.) If the answer to any of those questions was yes, then our bespoke building service is for you. Bespoke construction is even available for the commissioning of large capital ships, with bespoke fleets of both civilian and warships being available for order. Machini Bespoke offers only the highest quality of vehicle, and all bespoke ships purchased are supplied with the latest in YOLOL technology for the best user experience available on the market. All this and more is available at the fingertips of the discerning buyer.

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