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Job: asteroid mining

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Asteroid mining is an entry-level job for any endoskeleton looking for a way to make some profit.
Capital Mega Stations near asteroid fields offer the mining jobs for any willing workers.
Supervised mining is an easy start for anyone looking to become proficient prospector by learning the trade in a safe work environment.
Workers sign in at a workstation at the Mining job hall, where they are given a pickaxe and access to the asteroids.

The job consists of mining the asteroids and moving the mined materials to the collector zone.


Workers are paid for the amount of work they do, so the more efficient at mining the worker is, the more they are able to earn in a shorter time. System counts the amount of materials the worker has mined and moved to the collector zone, and they get paid accordingly.

Description of a generic workday

  1. Workers enter the Mining job hall and choose a workstation of their preference
  2. They acquire a pickaxe at the workstation, which they can freely use during their stay at the Mining hall
  3. The more asteroids the workers are able to mine, the more money they'll get paid
  4. There are no time limits; the work can be stopped and the pickaxe returned at any time

Helpful tips to optimize mining!

  • Examine the asteroids shape and plan how to break it with pickaxe.
  • Keep the workstation clean from excess junk and finish mining each asteroid before requesting a new one.
  • You can join forces with one or more friends to mine more efficiently, but you'll also share the payment.