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The Federation
Federation Symbol Version 2 no background.png
Leadership Structure
President Lightfoot
Federation Council Size 6
Government Type United Federation
Legislature The Federation Council
Faction Information
Official Colors: Black, red, blue, teal, and Gold
Official Motto “Freedom cannot be bestowed, it must be achieved.”

-Elbert Hubbard

Anthem "We all lift together"
Date of founding: February 6, 2020
Date of Charter Ratification February 6, 2020 (Current Charter)
Membership strength ~30
Discord Link
Community Link
Primary Industry International trade
Secondary Industry Research and Development
Foreign Affairs
Alliances None
Enemies Classified


The Federation was formed during the days of Atlas, in the land of Armco. In a dangerous world covered with militant nations, pirates, and ships crewed by the cursed, Wellingforte, Millennium Dawn, Icy North, and Serenity Arms came together to form a united front and a safe home for their people.

Those days are long past and they seek their fortunes among the stars. In search of new friends, allies, and partners. As well as most importantly, new crewmen.

On May 1, 2020 the Federation was joined by 5 new member companies. Dynasty, Crimson Industries, Space Forged Guardians, Human Systems Alliance, and Galactech Shipyard.

Goals and Values

The Federation seeks to grow through integrating other groups into our union. Groups that worry they may not be left alone to their own devices by the larger factions. Groups looking for more friends. All such groups are as autonomous as they like so long as they abide by the Federation Charter's limitations.

The core values of the Federation are peace through strength, peaceful relations and trade with neighbors. Trust, and honesty in dealings both within and without. Freedom for their members are of the most paramount of importance.

Federation Charter

The Federation Charter was ratified on Feb. 6th, 2020. It is the guiding document of the Federation Government. The Charter includes provisions for amendment, allowing the Council to modify the system to the conditions faced both in and out of the Eos planetary system.

Amendment requires 75% approval by the Federation Council, and the Federation Gaming Community Council.

Government structure

The Federation is lead by the Federation Council, and the Federation President. Currently there are four members on the Council. One for each founding company.

Federation Council

As new groups join the Federation, the Federation Council expands in number. Number of members per group is based on group population. Becoming a member is by invitation by the council, or the groups request to the council. Typically we expect groups to be allies first, and over time, relations become better, and closer, and allies will become members.

The Federation Council runs the day to day affairs of the faction. Each Councilor is responsible for the conduct of the group they represent, and in game will be entrusted with responsibilities regarding their groups assets and their upkeep.

The Council members have a term of 5 months, with a consecutive term limit of 2.

Federation President

The President is responsible for appointing members of the Diplomacy Department, as well as nominating the Head Diplomat and Fleet Admiral to the Federation Council. They are also in charge of the overall well being of the entire faction, international relations, overall defense, and diplomatic direction.

The President has a term of 6 months, and a consecutive term limit of 2.

Federation Gaming Community Council

The Federation Gaming Community Council governs our overall gaming community, and ensures that the Federation in Starbase reflects the values and culture of the FGC as a whole. Their role in the governmental organization is as ultimate arbiter of conflict if the need should arise. They are however as hands off as they can be.


The Federation seeks to unite groups into an integrated whole conducive to peace, trade, exploration, and security within its sphere. Member groups are akin to member states in the US, or similar, human nations. Each group handles their own internal affairs, while external affairs with regards to diplomacy and defense are managed by the Federation President and Council.

Groups over 9 members get a seat on the Federation Council. Small groups can join together and share a seat amongst their members so long as they in total attain the 9 member requirement.

Membership is both by invitation, or group request.


New aspiring member groups must be voted allies of the Federation by the Council. After this, they will spend 1 month in that status while both groups gain familiarity with each other, and the Council and the groups leadership will be able to discuss any issues that come up.

After a month, the Council will vote on integrating the ally as a member. All personnel of the member group are welcome into the Federation on equal terms, and free to join us in our multi-game community if they should choose to do to.

The new member will select a representative for the council among their personnel. This defaults as their group leader at the time of their joining.


The Federation military consists of two branches. The Navy, and the Marines. The Navy escorts traders, defends Federation territory, and supports our allies and members. The Marines are the force for boarding ships, stations, and moon installations.


The Navy is separated into 3 divisions. The Explorers Corps, the Home Defense Fleet, and the Expeditionary Fleet.

The Explorers Corps runs armed vessels with extremely long ranges, a lot of automation, and superior individual capability.

The Home Defense Fleet operates short range combat vessels, and fighters. Their primary purpose is defending Federation stations and other installations.

The Expeditionary Force is the force of long range combat vessels, built for taking the fight to the enemy and operating far from home for extended periods.


Fleet Admiral:
The fleet admiral is the highest military rank in the Federation, and has authority over the entire military. Ranks below the President. The president appoints the Fleet Admiral, which must be confirmed by the Federation Council.

Admirals are chosen by the President in the absence of a Fleet Admiral. Otherwise the Fleet Admiral appoints the Admirals. Admirals are in charge of grander theaters and control the strategic plan for their region. They also assign the missions to Captains as needed, and organize the fleet compositions for each mission.

Captains command ships, and run the missions. At times they may be temporarily promoted to a commodore rank for multi-ship missions.


The Marines are the Federations boarders, ship and station defense troops, and assault troops against enemy stations and cities.

When not repelling boarders on board ships, the marines provide damage control, and ammunition replenishment for the guns.

They are portioned into squads of 3 men and assigned to ships by squad. Each mission calling for a certain number of these squads, and assigned by the Fleet Admiral.

Federation Members

Company Symbol
Millennium Dawn Milleniums Dawn.png
Icy North Icy North Trans.png
Wellingforte Wellingforte Trans.png
Serenity Arms Serenity Logo.png
Crimson Industries Crimson Industries.png
Dynasty Dynasty Logo.png
Space Forged Guardians SFG Symbol V1.png
Human Systems Alliance HSA4.2 - Copy.png
Galactech Shipyard Galactech Logo 400x400 px.png