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A robot looking at the universal tool.


Every being in the galaxy controls a robotic endoskeleton.
The mechanical body of an endoskeleton enables many things that organic life forms are not able to offer.
The advancement of technology and space exploration have greatly benefited from the use of endoskeletons that are extremely durable.
The development of insurance system, that allows to take control of a new endoskeleton in the case of destruction of the robotic body has, in particular, had a great impact on the advancement of the societies in space.

Endoskeletons are commonly referred to as "robots".


The mechanical endoskeleton is a durable and relatively safe way to exist in space, as partial destruction of the robotic endoskeleton does not result in immediate decommission.
Only the loss of power from the robot's core, located in the robot's torso chassis, causes the decommission of an endoskeleton.
The chassis can, however, withstand even weapon damage relatively well.
In the case of an endoskeleton being completely destroyed, the galaxy-wide insurance system enables taking control of a new endoskeleton.
Endoskeletons can equip multiple different types of armor, that are purchasable from trading stations or from Mega Stations.